Candidate Testimonials

 Ileana - Clinical Pharmacist & Naturopathic Nutritionist,

Dear Lisa

I’ve been working as a locum Pharmacist for 8 years. During this time I’ve worked with many agencies (large well established and new independents ) and some excellent recruitment agents as well. Recently I found your agency via google and read your testimonials. I’ve never heard of TLTP before and was very intrigued to see the heart felt positive feedbacks from your locums. Out of the blue Luca called me one day asking if I was looking for work. During this time I had 3 agencies who had sent out my CV but none came back with a firm booking. Within 2 days from my first conversation with Luca, he came back with an offer. I was actually waiting to hear back from another agency but in the end decided that as Luca was so efficient, it makes sense to give him and TLTP my business. I’ve never looked back since. Luca continued to get me great jobs at top rates that no other agencies, even the best ones cannot match. His service is second to none being always available to help and no job is ever too big for him. He would answer text messages and emails after hours late evenings and weekends (I hope he gets paid for this !!). As a result I have referred all my locum friends to him (about 5 in several weeks). One lady sent in her CV around noon and was offered a job by 3pm the same day. Another locum left an unsuitable position and Luca was able to promptly find her something what suited her level of experience and requirements. The best part of this aside the great PERSONAL service and pay is I’ve never been paid late once as the agency is always willing to chase those responsible for signing our timesheet and it can be done electronically which is unheard of in other agencies. Overall, I can’t fault TLTP in anyway and they are by far, the best agency I have ever worked with. Thanks for the phone call in April 2015 Luca and keep up the great work as more referrals will come your way! best wishes

George - Candidate


Thank you for all of your input over the last few days. I have made it clear this is my first agency work and it seems like a very faced pace 'dog eat dog' industry.

It has only been with your clear and accurate advice and regular, effective contact i have been guided successfully to my first line of work. I have been contacted by 10+ agencies all interested in my availability, and have signed up to approximately 6-7. Out of all of these you have been the calm amongst the storm and i trust in you like i do not any other agent. You show a genuine passion for what you do and i cannot recommend you any higher.

 Without a doubt, if it was not for your hard work i would be signed up to a different agency, and time will tell, probably be left with job offers less well suited to myself.

I want to make it clear to your superiors how brilliant your work has been over the last few days. I look forward to staying in touch with you and having a good relationship with yourselves.



Hi Helene,
I would like to thank you whole heartly for securing me this position. I can’t thank you enough. I worked with the boy concerned today and I KNOW I will make a difference in his life - the icing on the cake for me. I will not let you down. Many thanks

Veronica, Candidate
Hello Lisa, hope you are fine. Am dropping a quick mail to commend you on being a good manager. I have worked with many Agencies and I have had better pay rate from other Agencies, but it has been a pleasure working with you, and I will always be happy working with you because you stand out to be the best Manager among them. You are so good at the job and have excellent communication skill each time I talk to you on phone.I have never hesitated to recommend friends to you because of your good professional qualities in the job,and I do really hope other people appreciate this qualities in you. You are simply good at the job, keep it up. Cheers.

Emmanuel E, Physiotherapist
I am so impressed with you. You have both been so kind and wonderfully efficient and I am sincerely grateful. You really are fantastic ambassadors for The London Teaching Pool and please do show this message to your line – managers!

I really appreciate everything you have done for me so much! This is my chance to try to make something of my self further and I owe it to you. You continually persisted and gave me enough hope to hang in their! Im so grateful for that!!

I know you have done this for me, and I hope that the other people that are registered with yourselves realize and understand the hard-work you put into finding them work.

Thank you!!!

TLTP Medical have been a great agency for me as an Occupational Therapy locum. They have been able to find me posts quickly, and are great at matching my requirements for a quality post rather than just pushing me into any post. They are very professional in how they conduct their business, and I have always been paid the right amount and on time. Unlike other agencies, they don’t hassle you with lots of phone calls and emails but are always in touch when need be.

Ms K M
TLTP Medical helped my find my first job in the UK, Nothing hidden in between the physios and the agency. TLTP gave me the account of the amount paid from the hospital, agency’s share and my pay etc...which no other agency would dare to do...I think what TLTP does is Clean Business...and this kind of attitude makes me think and I should only work for TLTP as long as I continue to Locum.

No pep talks like other buttery words used in the emails..This is what Lisa said to me in her ever first email. I can never forget what you have done TLTP.

Keep up the good work.

Mr S M
My partner and myself are both health care professionals locuming around the UK. The service we have received from TLTP has been absolutely brilliant, Lisa and the medical team have worked tirelessly to find us placements in specific areas all over the country and in desired roles with rates well above the average and beyond what we expected.

They have put up with our fussy requests and often worked out of hours and through sickness and gone beyond what you would normally expect from a recruitment agency. After having gone through various agencies, we have now found one which we feel gives us the jobs we want at the very best rates possible. We are more than happy to recommend people to work with TLTP medical.

Mr J R
In 2008 when I found myself in desperate need of work, TLTP really came through for me. They really pulled out all the stops to get me working ASAP and I can honestly say I have never looked back. Thanks guys.

I have always found that the staff at TLTP, especially Lisa, have always made me feel that they were there for my benefit and always acted in my best interest. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

All my dealings with TLTP have been handled most professionally and with the minimum of fuss. Staff are always well informed and can always answer any of my queries promptly and accurately.

Mr D B
I hope everything is fine. I have now clocked my second year at Barking Abbey; it has been most eventful in every respect.

At the time of sending this message, the school has broken up for the summer holidays. The department has earmarked me to teach A-level Physics next academic year; this is most exciting.

I wish you a peaceful and restful summer break. Please keep up the good work; you have been the most inspiring agency representative I have ever had to deal with. As you know, I always recommend London Teaching Pool to anyone I come in contact with regarding supply work; your name is always mentioned as a first point of contact.

Mr B A
I have been extremely satisfied with the London Teaching Pool. The relaxed atmosphere when registering is fantastic compared to most other agencies where the agent makes you feel uncomfortable and is quite condescending, treating the registration like a formal interview.

I found the staff to be completely up front and honest which is greatly appreciated as well as very approachable and friendly. I have already recommended the agency to colleagues and if I needed to return to an agency in the future then I wouldn’t hesitate to return to TLTP.

Thank you for all of your help.

Lynsey S
I have been in permanent employment since 2007; my heartiest thanks go to Mr Ryan Kissin who played the leading role to seeing to my welfare and rehabilitation after my traumatic experience working in a London Borough.Thank you TLTP.

Olujuyin A

TLTP Medical

TLTP Medical is a frame work agency for Allied Health Professionals and Health Sector Staff and are on the Crown Commercial Services (formerly GPS), London Procurement Partnership, Health Trust Europe and National Clinical Staffing frameworks.

We are proud to provide innovative medical recruitment solutions with a personal touch and have a proven track record in satisfying and exceeding clients' needs.

TLTP always concentrates on what really matters, providing bespoke solutions tailored around client requirements. We focus heavily on our professional service, ensuring our clients can rely upon us to consistently deliver quality medical professionals nationwide.

As an approved Framework agency authorised to supply the NHS across the UK and a market leader in the provision of Allied Health Professionals and Doctors, TLTP continues to strive for excellence. Its core focus is on raising the standard in medical locum supply and have developed an organisation-wide philosophy of continual improvement to ensure we always exceed client and candidate requirements.

We are confident that our level of service is unrivalled in our industry and by using TLTP, you can be assured of receiving a service second to none.

TLTP Medical supply Allied Health Professionals in the field of Audiology, Biomedical Science, Cardiology, Dietitians, Doctors, Nurses, ODP Anaesthetics, Medical Office roles, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Speech and Language and Sterile Services.